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Cross Training Benefits for Powerlifting

As discussed in a previous article Specificity in powerlifting¬†the key to becoming a good powerlifter is to specifically train the power lifts (Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift) but the question “Is there a benefit of doing cross training for powerlifting?”¬†. The … Continue reading

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Training Vs Working Out

  At first glance training and working out my seem to be the same thing, after all both involve going to the gym to exercise but is that all there is to it ? However, you may be going to … Continue reading

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Prilepin’s Table for Powerlifting

Who is Prilepin, What is Prilepin’s Table and what does it have to do with Powerlifting? these are some of the questions you may be asking right now. Keep reading to find the answers to these questions and more. Follow … Continue reading

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Strength Training Variables – Intensity, Volume and Frequency

Intensity, Volume and Frequency are three aspects of planning a strength training program regardless of the end goal be it maximum strength for powerlifting, building lean muscle for bodybuilding or working on general strength gains to assist with improving sports … Continue reading

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Gympie: Getting Fit on a Budget

With many individuals and families juggling a tight budget, paying for a high cost fitness membership every week may be a luxury, however there are other options to keep your fitness goals on track. Follow @trusylver

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