Cross Training Benefits for Powerlifting

Cross Training for PowerliftingAs discussed in a previous article Specificity in powerlifting the key to becoming a good powerlifter is to specifically train the power lifts (Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift) but the question “Is there a benefit of doing cross training for powerlifting?” . The short answer is yes, and here are the reasons why. Continue reading

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Perfect Body for Powerlifting

Ideal Body Dimensions for PowerliftingYou may be asking yourself, have I got the ideal body to become an elite powerlifter ? am I to tall/short ? are my arms too long and my legs too short ? In this article I take a look at the data from several powerlifting studies looking at the human body and how it performs in the sport of Powerlifting.

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How can a beginner start powerlifting?

Beginning Powerlifting, GympieThis is a common question found on popular internet fitness and bodybuilding sites due to the increased popularity of the sport of Powerlifting. The answer depends on your starting point, a beginner can be a complete fitness novice or they can be a semi-experienced gym rat who is looking to make the next step. Below I will cover the process for a complete fitness novice. Continue reading

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Powerlifting: Why you should compete

Powerlifting Weights at Australian Powerlifting Championships

Weight Plates in Meet Warm-up Room

As a strength athlete, there is nothing quite like stepping onto the lifting platform to compete in the sport of powerlifting. So why should you make the big leap from gym rat or bodybuilder to power-lifter ? Continue reading

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Gympie Powerlifting Coaching Sessions

It is the beginning of a new training cycle for Gympie Powerlifting. I will be coaching at Gympie City Gym on the following days and times.

Gympie Powerlifting Training Times

Gympie Powerlifting Training Times

These are open training sessions where all are welcome to come and ask questions or simply just join in with our training.  Gym access is members only. For private coaching outside of these session times or at an alternate gym please contact Gympie Powerlifting


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