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Powerlifting weightsThis is Part one of a series looking at some of the popular training programs that are to be found on the internet and asses their suitability for powerlifting at various levels of lifting experience and goals. In this post I will look at the popular StrongLifts 5 X 5 training program.

The Stronglifts websites describes itself as “StrongLifts 5 X 5 is the simplest, easiest to follow and most effective workout” but is it ?

Stronglifts was first marketed by Mehdi in 2007, but the 5 X 5 method of training has been around much longer, Medhi was never a powerlifter and StrongLifts 5×5 is not aimed at powerlifters, this is a training program aimed at the general public.

5 X 5 was originally created by Reg Park and included the Big Three: squat, bench press, and the deadlift, later, Bill Starr created a simpler version with the Big Three and just a few other total-body moves including the power clean and overhead press.

StrongLifts 5 X 5 being aimed at the raw beginner means there is no periodization or plan to allow for a new lifter to adequately prepare for their first meet. The Stronglifts method is to skip your Friday workout and compete that Saturday. This training program is ok for a novice who may not want to compete but still wants to develop strength, muscle, and technique simultaneously and does not need a more advanced program required by an elite powerlifter.

What Does Stronglifts 5 X 5 Consist of ?

The StrongLifts 5×5 Routine:

Day A:
Squat: 5×5
Bench: 5×5
Deadlift: 1×5

Day B:
Squat: 5×5
Press: 5×5
Barbell Row: 5×5

The two days are rotated on a thrice weekly schedule as follows:

StrongLifts Two Week Cycle:

Mon: Day “A”
Wed: Day “B”
Fri: Day “A”
Mon: Day “B”
Wed: Day “A”
Fri: Day “B”

The program begins with 50 % of your 5-rep max for each lift. During each workout, you then Add five pounds to each lift every workout only until you reach 5 reps for all of your sets (again, just 1 set for deadlifts).



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