Training Vs Working Out

Training vs Working Out


At first glance training and working out my seem to be the same thing, after all both involve going to the gym to exercise but is that all there is to it ? However, you may be going to the gym to workout but not achieving results becase you should be training.

Working out or simply exercising are not bad, a little bit of simple exercise can be just a way to relax, however, working out may not help you reach your goals like training will.


To moveĀ from working out to training there are a few things that need to change, including:

Goal Setting

When you workout, you may have some vague insubstantial goals like: get fit, lose weight, get stronger or gain muscle. When you Train these goals need to become more precise. Goal setting for training needs to be ….


Goals help you to push harder to reach the milestones you have set.


Working out or exercising is often random with minimal though as to what exercise will be done when you walk into the gym beyond the decision to lift weights or do cardio. A training program must be planned, targeting specific results in a consistant way using best practices to achieve your goals. Not everybody has the knowledge to prepare a consistent plan to meet your training goals, this is where a Coach can assist with current up to date knowledge to work with you to get your plan right.

When precise goals and good planning come together, the hard days at the gym become easier, you know your goals are achievable, you know you have a good plan in place and in knowing these things you are able to push through past barriers and achieve results.

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