Powerlifting: Why you should compete

Powerlifting Weights at Australian Powerlifting Championships

Weight Plates in Meet Warm-up Room

As a strength athlete, there is nothing quite like stepping onto the lifting platform to compete in the sport of powerlifting. So why should you make the big leap from gym rat or bodybuilder to power-lifter ?

You are not a powerlifter until you compete

Competition is the key aspect of any sport, you would not consider yourself a footballer or a hockey player unless you played games of those sports so why would powerlifting be any different. You can train the “Power Lifts” but you are not a powerlifter until you step onto the platform to be judged.

Competition Improves Powerlifting performance

There is nothing quite like the Adrenalin rush of stepping on stage to lift. Not only does the prospect of being judged push you to the next level, but the support of all of the other lifters at the event can push your performance to massive new personal bests.

Competition improves training structure

Your training for a meet puts a focus on the difference between actual training and working out. With a set date to compete, most lifters are far less likely to skip a session in the gym, but rather work far harder to meet goals.

An honest critique of your lifts

When you step onto the powerlifting platform, there is no room for a poor half arsed lift. Squatting to high ? you will quickly receive reds across the board.  If you want a truly  honest appraisal of your squat depth, get on the platform and see what the judges have to say.

Bench press is another big problem area for those who only ever lift at their local gym, there is a big difference between a touch and go gym bench press (that is if the bar even touches the chest) and a paused on command powerlifting bench press.

Most Importantly you should compete because, it is FUN


When should you compete in Powerlifting ?

so you now know why you should compete, but what about when you should step onto the platform for the first time ?

You should not put off competing with the excuse “I don’t want to be the weakest lifter” or “I am to small/big” your first competition is a massive supportive learning experience. Once you have learned how to complete each of the “Power Lifts” with good form, and had basic instruction and practice lifting within the rules of the sport Powerlifting, then you can compete.

What you should know for your first Powerlifting Meet.

If you are located within the Gympie area and have an interest in becoming a Powerlifter, I can be contacted via this Blog, via Facebook, or at Gympie City Gym during training sessions.

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I have been a fan of Arnold “the Terminator” Schwarzenegger, and I was envious of guys like you to have a nice body, it is okay even though I have scoliosis, I can be able to lift weights, I just don’t know how far or how many repetitions so that I will not add additional pain, from what i am enduring right now. Is there a competition fro scoliosis patients like me hehehe. Kidding aside, continue your efforts to get that perfect body because it is also God’s commandment. 1 Timothy 4:8  For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is… Read more »