Powerlifting Checklist

110 kg deadlift Sub Junior Under 59 kg ClassAs I am currently preparing a sub junior powerlifting athlete to compete this Sunday, I thought it might offer the opportunity to post what goes into the preparation of equipment needed to compete as a raw IPF sub junior.

Powerlifting Equipment

The first items to be checked and packed are the pieces of equipment needed for each lift. As each item is packed it is checked for wear and tear that may cause each item to fail an equipment check by the judges prior to the start of listing.

  1. Soft Suit (Singlet) Double Check brand is on the approved list.
  2. T-Shirt, plain, contains no logos or sponsorship which is not approved by the IPF
  3. Long Socks, plain, Required for Deadlift to ensure no blood is left on the bar.
  4. Wrist Wraps, Checked on the approved list, no fraying or deterioration.
  5. Chucks (Converse Allstars), Flat shoes for Deadlift and Bench Press
  6. Squat Shoes, approved for Squat
  7. Belt, Inzer Forever Lever Belt, Approved and correctly adjusted
  8.  Competition Plan, with warmups and planned attempts listed.

Other Equipment for Powerlifting Competition.

  1. Screwdriver, to be able to adjust Lever Belt if needed
  2. Ipod, music suitable for either relaxing if stressed or Heavy motivational if needed
  3. Food, to ensure full energy levels after weigh in but before lifting
  4. Water, there will be no food or water stores near the venue which is not uncommon at powerlifting meets.
  5. Good night sleep on the night before powerlifting competition
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