Powerlifting Equipment

Competition Weights“What equipment do I need for Powerlifting?” is a common question asked by beginners looking to compete in the sport for the first time. The other big question comes form those who are experienced with general strength training in the gym who ask “Can I use my (insert Object) at my first powerlifting meet?”. Below I will look at the essential powerlifting equipment, optional powerlifting equipment and specific powerlifting federation rules. Continue reading

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Training Vs Working Out

Training vs Working Out


At first glance training and working out my seem to be the same thing, after all both involve going to the gym to exercise but is that all there is to it ? However, you may be going to the gym to workout but not achieving results becase you should be training. Continue reading

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Prilepin’s Table for Powerlifting

Prilepin for PowerliftingWho is Prilepin, What is Prilepin’s Table and what does it have to do with Powerlifting? these are some of the questions you may be asking right now. Keep reading to find the answers to these questions and more. Continue reading

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Strength Training Variables – Intensity, Volume and Frequency

Competition Powerlifting Weights Photo by Gympie PowerliftingIntensity, Volume and Frequency are three aspects of planning a strength training program regardless of the end goal be it maximum strength for powerlifting, building lean muscle for bodybuilding or working on general strength gains to assist with improving sports performance. Continue reading

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Australian Powerlifting Championships 2016

Australin Powerlifting Championships, Squat

Declan Evans at the Australian Powerlifting Championships

The Australian Sub-Junior, Junior and Masters Powerlifting championships were recently held in Melbourne on the 5-7 of August. Continue reading

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