Cross Training Benefits for Powerlifting

Cross Training for PowerliftingAs discussed in a previous article Specificity in powerlifting the key to becoming a good powerlifter is to specifically train the power lifts (Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift) but the question “Is there a benefit of doing cross training for powerlifting?” . The short answer is yes, and here are the reasons why.

What is Cross Training

Cross training is participating or training for an alternative sport from your primary one, in this case powerlifting.

Powerlifting benefit from cross training

Cross Training prevents injury and boredom.

Cross training for powerlifting reduces the risk of repetitive injury, including knee, elbow and shoulder problems and promoting better muscle balance. Often  the training program for competitive lifting can be considered boring, adding in a training session for an alternate sport, or playing a casual game of another sport with friends can lead to better adherence to a strict training regime.

Cross-training can help condition the entire body

Most sports, including powerlifting rely on a specific combination of muscles, which means the other muscles are somewhat neglected. Quality cross-training helps make sure those less specific muscles are also trained.

Cross-training for active recovery

Active recovery is an important aspect of  recovering from your last intense training session and preparing for your next. Light training sessions or cross training that focus on alternate muscles are great for furthering overall fitness and speeding your recovery efforts.

Remember, any serious athlete knows that over training the same muscles day in and day out only leads to injury and less successful performance, so mix it up a little with the occasional cross training session.

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Do you have any recommendations on which sports to cross train? I lift for fitness. In the mornings, I do 30 to 45 minutes on an exercise bike. In the evening, I lift, alternations every 3 months between power routines and bodybuilding routines. However, I do believe I need to add workouts to improve my flexibility and balance.


Thank you for sharing this I really appreciate it, I have an knee injury because I didn’t fallow the gym instructor instructions.

I apply this method if my knee injury is gone thank you bro I read your post, thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the information. Personally I work different muscle groups after two days. I wanted to increase consistency to every alternative day. My trainer tells me that this is not recommended as you need the muscles to rest and recover. What is your opinion on this? Shouldn’t we work at our own pace?


Nice post. Very informative. But I think I don’t have time to do this even if I wanted to. I have 12-hour shifts and I work online. I am scared that I would not be able to keep up with my workload and exercise. What would be your best suggestions in order to do this. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks and keep it up!!


This really is a very good information on how to really work out. I do a lot of squats and crunches, my abdominal muscles and butt are the main focus while training my body.

Although I do get lots of cramp lately in my calf muscle, and I think it’s actually because of excess pressure that I’m putting on it from lots of squats.

What do you recommend I do? Should I continue with the training or slow down a little bit?