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Bodyweight Exercises: Building a bigger Powerlifting Bench Press

As I have already discussed in an earlier article, powerlifting specificity is very important in any powerlifting training program. However, a few well selected assistance exercises can and do add to your success in building a bigger Squat, Bench Press … Continue reading

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Specificity in Powerlifting

The first question that comes to mind is “What is Specificity”.  Specificity is defined as the principle of training in which the sports training should be relevant and appropriate to the sport for which the individual is training in order to … Continue reading

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The Westside Method

The Westside Barbell Method, was developed by Louie Simmons. The methods used at Westside Barbell were developed through experimentation and through the principles of old Eastern bloc sports science literature, primarily from Russian and Bulgarian weightlifting methods.   Follow @trusylver

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The Texas Method

The Texas Method  is a periodization program developed by Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay. The program was created, primarily, for the training of Olympic lifters and general strength athletes,  the program is not specifically aimed at powerlifters who have need to maximize their deadlift … Continue reading

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StrongLifts 5 X 5

This is Part one of a series looking at some of the popular training programs that are to be found on the internet and asses their suitability for powerlifting at various levels of lifting experience and goals. In this post … Continue reading

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