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DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

DOMS What is it and more importantly how will it affect my training and what is the best way to recover from this common pain. DOMS is a condition not restricted to powerlifters, bodybuilders or professional athletes, If you have … Continue reading

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Powerlifting for the over 40s

Powerlifting is a sport which is not restricted to the young, it is a sport that is growing in popularity for ladies and men over 40, not that I consider 40 to be old. Powerlifting has several age division devoted … Continue reading

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Avoiding Powerlifting Injuries

Strength training is a massive benefit for general health, building both strength, power and assisting to prevent injuries in everyday life. Powerlifting takes those benefits to the next level, but there are risks, so how do you avoid serious injury … Continue reading

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Powerlifting Injury Rate Comparison

Powerlifting along with the other strength sports of Weightlifting and Strongman have a reputation of being dangerous. However, when you look at comparable injury rates across different sports, the rates of injury in Powerlifting are low in comparison. Follow @trusylver

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