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Powerlifting: Why you should compete

As a strength athlete, there is nothing quite like stepping onto the lifting platform to compete in the sport of powerlifting. So why should you make the big leap from gym rat or bodybuilder to power-lifter ? Follow @trusylver

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Gympie Powerlifting Coaching Sessions

It is the beginning of a new training cycle for Gympie Powerlifting. I will be coaching at Gympie City Gym on the following days and times. These are open training sessions where all are welcome to come and ask questions … Continue reading

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Australian Powerlifting Championships 2016

The Australian Sub-Junior, Junior and Masters Powerlifting championships were recently held in Melbourne on the 5-7 of August. Follow @trusylver

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Free Powerlifting Information Session

Gympie City Gym is hosting a  Free Introduction to Powerlifting  information session at their fully-equipped gym on September 12th. Follow @trusylver

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Rack Pulls for a Bigger Deadlift

Rack Pulls are a staple exercise among powerlifters from beginners just learning to deadlift to experience and elite powerlifters looking to get the most out of their training. There are two main reasons for including Rack Pulls in training and … Continue reading

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