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Everything you wanted to know about Deadlift

Rack Pulls for a Bigger Deadlift

Rack Pulls are a staple exercise among powerlifters from beginners just learning to deadlift to experience and elite powerlifters looking to get the most out of their training. There are two main reasons for including Rack Pulls in training and … Continue reading

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Deficit Deadlifts, Increase Your Deadlift Max

The deadlift is possibly the ultimate test of pure strength and is often considered to be The King of all Exercises. Deadlift is simply You Vs the Barbell but in many ways it is not that simple. The deadlift is a brutal … Continue reading

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Deadlift: Which Grip is right for you ?

When looking at gripping the bar for a strong deadlift there are a couple of areas to consider. The first consideration is the width of the hands on the deadlift bar. The second and most debated aspect for powerlifters is … Continue reading

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Powerlifting for the over 40s

Powerlifting is a sport which is not restricted to the young, it is a sport that is growing in popularity for ladies and men over 40, not that I consider 40 to be old. Powerlifting has several age division devoted … Continue reading

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Anatomy of the Sumo Deadlift

This is the third post in a series looking at the the muscles used in each of the lifts which form part of a powerlifting competition. There are two styles of Deadlift which are legal lifts in a Powerlifting competition. The … Continue reading

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