Anatomy of the Sumo Deadlift

110 kg deadlift Sub Junior Under 59 kg ClassThis is the third post in a series looking at the the muscles used in each of the lifts which form part of a powerlifting competition. There are two styles of Deadlift which are legal lifts in a Powerlifting competition. The first, is the conventional Deadlift and the second which I will discuss below is the Sumo style Deadlift.


Sumo Deadlift is classified as

Basic: A principal exercise that can place greater absolute intensity on muscles exercised relative to auxiliary exercises.

Compound: An exercise that involves two or more joint movements.

Pull: Movement toward centre of body during the concentric contraction of the target muscle.

Muscles Used

Target Muscle: The primary muscle intended for exercise.

Gluteus Maximus

Synergistic Muscles: A muscle that assists another muscle to accomplish a movement.

Adductor Magnus

Dynamic Stabiliser Muscles: A bi-articulate muscle that simultaneously moves through the two joints with little change in length, in effect shortening through the target joint and lengthening through the adjacent joint.


Stabiliser Muscles: A muscle that contracts with no significant movement to maintain a posture or fixate a joint.

Erector Spinae
Trapezius, Middle
Trapezius, Upper
Levator Scapulae
Latissmus Dorsi

Antagonist Stabiliser Muscles: A muscle that contracts to maintain the tension potential of a bi-articulate muscle at the adjacent joint. The Antagonist Stabilizer may assist in joint stabilization by countering the rotator force of an agonist.

Rectus Abdominis


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