5 Common Weight Training Mistakes

Weight Training MistakesA general weight training program is a good option for a beginner looking for improved health and fitness. Progress is often easy even if the training program is not optimal for the individuals fitness goals. Newcomers often get over confident in what they are doing even after their progress eventually slows or stops all together, blaming lack of progress on genetics eg. “hard gainers” or some other excuse. Training injuries also become common when a novice becomes over confident. So what are some of the major training mistakes holding up your progress…

Warm-up Sets

This first big mistake is missing or not completing an adequate warm-up for the exercise you are doing. There are three types of warm-up which can be done including

  • Passive: increases temperature by external means (Heat Rubs)
  • General: increases temperature using non-specific body movements (Cardio)
  • Movement Specific: increases temperature using a movement related to the more  strenuous activity you plan to do (Bodyweight squats before weighted squats)

The Best option for warming up is Movement Specific

Benefits of specific warm up

  • Muscles and joint can be warmed up with the exact mechanics which will be performed.
  • Muscle and joint is less prone to injury
  • Motor skill and breathing can be rehearsed

Extra warm up sets may be needed for heavy movements or if the muscles and joints involved are more prone to injury like Powerlifting Squats, Bench Press or Deadlift.

Not Including Basics

failure to include the essential basic exercises in their training programs, wasting effort on specialised, advanced, or relatively ineffective exercises. Basic movements (Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift, etc.) that more efficiently build strength and muscle. The properties  of a basic exercise is “A principal exercise that can place greater absolute intensity on muscles exercised relative to auxiliary exercises”  By failing to stick  to basics lifts by including too many auxiliary lifts can waste time and hold back progress.

Unbalanced Training Plan

Over working muscle groups compared to the matching antagonist muscles increase the risks of injury. For example rowing exercise muscles which create stability in the shoulders during Bench Press

Failing to Listening to Your Body

While some soreness and discomfort will be part of any new training plan, actual pain should not. If you ignore the pain with the familiar slogan “No Pain, No Gain” you are at extreme risk of serious injury.

Failing to use the correct Training Program for Your Goals

Training for Strength, Endurance, Size or General Health all require different training program designs. Some beginners make the mistake of implementing a training program, which is not optimized for the goals they wish to achieve leading to wasted effort an frustration due to lack of progress.

If your goal is maximum strength, then get the right training program to efficiently achieve your goals. I am a qualified powerlifting coach dedicated to helping you achieve your strength goals in the Gympie region.  Contact Gympie Powerlifting or Have a chat at Gympie City Gym.

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