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Powerlifting Injury Rate Comparison

Powerlifting along with the other strength sports of Weightlifting and Strongman have a reputation of being dangerous. However, when you look at comparable injury rates across different sports, the rates of injury in Powerlifting are low in comparison. Follow @trusylver

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Smith Machine Vs Power Rack

Outside the world of Competitive Powerlifting rages the eternal debate between using a Smith Machine for Squats and Using a Power Rack, aka power cage or squat cage. As a competitive lifter and coach I do not believe that the … Continue reading

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Gym Etiquette for your New Year’s Resolution

Every New Year, gyms around the world see a surge in new membership as people resolve to shape up and lose weight or gain muscle in the new year. Every year, regular gym-goers brace themselves for a flood of newbies … Continue reading

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