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Board Press to improve your Bench Strength

                                             What is a Board Press In a board press, the lifter places 1 -5, inch thick boards on the … Continue reading

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Criminal charges against supplement manufacturer USPlabs

Reuters reported that the US Justice Department made an announcement on Tuesday they will file criminal charges against USPlabs LLC and six of their company officials. It is because of their activities of unlawful sale of Jack3d. Follow @trusylver

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3 Bench Press Sins for Powerlifting

“What do you bench?” is one of the most asked question in gyms across the world. Even if you are not a powerlifter most gym junkies put a lot of emphasis on having a strong Bench Press. However there is … Continue reading

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6 Myths Uncovered About Powerlifting

1     POWERLIFTERS are FAT It is  often said by bodybuilders that they don’t want to do powerlifting because they don’t want to get fat. The idea that all powerlifters are fat or even that the majority of powerlifters are … Continue reading

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Powerlifting Belt Vs Weightlifting Belt

So you have decided to get yourself a Belt for safety or to enhance lifting performance, but your unsure which type of belt to get, here I discuss the differences between a Powerlifting Belt and a Weight Lifting Belt. Follow … Continue reading

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